Gala Dinner at the Berlin TV-Tower

Friday March 27th – 7.30pm

The Television Tower was built between 1965 and 1969. Project ideas were developed under the leadership of Hermann Henselmann. The architecture of the Tower celebrated and reflected the “vogue” of the times in East and West – namely, “Space-Travel” which conjured endless possibilities of new technologies. The spherically formed head of the Tower with its glittering outer skin took a visual association to the “Sputnik” satellite and the hyperbolic shaft with its bullseye windows reminded one of a rocket. Through such design features the euphoria of progress, characterised the “Zeitgeist” in East and West.

High above the roofs of the capital is the revolving Sphere restaurant. Its extraordinary feature: the restaurant revolves around its own axis. The mix of modern design and retro chic, a “starry sky” on the ceiling and musical accompaniment on the piano create the very special flair in this unique restaurant.